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Automatic unloading conveyor equipment sugarcane

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【Product Name】 Automatic unloading conveyor equipment sugarcane

【Product Introduction】 Automatic unloading cane conveyor equipment widely cultivated by the Guangdong Machinery Co., Ltd. related to study abroad, advanced technical information and the actual situation of domestic sugar, the new self-developed technologies. The project has been experts in Zhanjiang City, through the identification of group acceptance, and the national utility model patent. The device used by the sugar factory has proved that with a safe and reliable operation, high efficiency, low investment and build factories, and low production costs, and applies to the original sugar cane transport vehicles. Is low sugar and efficient implementation of the necessary technical work and new techniques, new technology and equipment, on behalf of unloading sugar cane sugar cane to feed the development direction of technology.

【Product Photo】

【Dump plain】

【Sugarcane belt transmission】

【Sugarcane slot】

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