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High-performance jet condenser

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【Product Name】 High-performance jet condenser

【Product Introduction】 Jet condenser is efficient sugar boiling sugar evaporation system and the best alternative to vacuum equipment (in particular, a large number of steam applied to the juice extracted gas), can replace the current widespread use of the traditional sugar jet condensers and partition-type condensation browser (with the water ring vacuum pump supporting the use of), widely used abroad, has begun. I companies in the atomized spray condenser abroad for absorption, digestion on the basis of independent innovation of a new highly efficient spray condenser body. Proved by the use of sugar, I am the company's products as compared with foreign similar products, the vacuum is more stable, less water for the sugar solution to the vacuum due to a low boil sugar difficult problems.

【Product Features】
1、This product into the spray of water mist and gas was the reverse flow of juice, juice of indoor air in the formation of counter-current gas condensate, gas and water fog juice and thus the contact area, and contact time, the effect of condensation, and high and stable vacuum.
2、Juice as a result of the effect of vapor condensation, and heat exchange efficiency, the water temperatures are high, income, water temperature, and thus less water.
3、Used for evaporative condenser must be able to work for the situation, our company designed a two-way condenser water filtration and water have two sets of devices, when found in low vacuum, poor water, they can find another device to open water to work, shutting down the sleeve into the valve for filter cleaning, in order to ensure continuous work Evaporator.
4、Low water pressure.
5、The use of spray foam and water, respectively, an independent configuration, using a cold water spray, water jet with the second cycle. As a result of a lower temperature, condensation is better, the average water consumption less.
6、There are two types of manual and automatic control style, simple and practical manual; safe and reliable automatic control.

【Product Specifications】
Water pressure:0.01-0.15Mpa
Water temperature:25-450C

【Product Photo】

【High-performance jet condenser】

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